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The Second Coming

By Grant Leishman

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Añadido el 17/09/2014
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Today is a monumental day in the long and winding road to getting my first novel published. As a new novelist I had no real idea of how to go about getting a work published. All my life, I've always read heaps of books and so of course I knew the names of all the great publishers: Penguin, Random House, Harper-Collins, Bantam etc, etc, etc, but I had absolutely no idea where to start on the process.

It soon became apparent that the big publishers don't even accept copies of new works from unknown authors, they rely wholly and solely on literary agents to recommend new works to them for consideration - so then, that was the obvious answer - find a literary agent prepared to consider my work. Easier said than done!

When I first started looking around at literary agents most seemed uninterested in new works. I read horror stories about authors submitting their works to numerous agents and never even once getting a response. In fact the most common phrase I read at this point of my research was: "I am not currently considering any new authors for publication - submissions are currently closed. What to do! What to do! What to!

It was around this time that I discovered "Indie Publishing" or independent publishing. Now that seemed like a real option - if only I could afford it! The whole idea of independent publishing appealed to me - I guess its the sort of underground, back-door way of getting into the publishing game, that appealed to me. There seemed no end of people prepared to assist me to make my dream come true - from copy editors, to proofreaders, to cover designers, right through to actual independent publishing houses and publicists. The problem was and is - they all wanted a slice of the cake along the way. Nobody it seemed was prepared to front up to get the book published and take their cut from the sales - too risky I suppose. They all wanted their payments up-front and although I have no doubt there are some great and wonderfully gifted people out there, doing this type of work, up-front money was just beyond my current circumstances. So what was left?

I discovered crowd-funding through Twitter actually, but I had my doubts about it. There is a crowd-funding platform specifically designed for authors called Pubslush and I was seriously considering that option, when I discovered, quite by chance, (Gotta love Google) a much more, to me anyway, logical style of crowd-funding...I discovered Pentian!

Pentian is different. My biggest problem (in my head anyway) with crowd-funding was that you were asking people to fund YOUR book, with the only tangible rewards being things like signed copies of the book or a character named after a donor etc. What Pentian does is turn the whole idea on its head, by offering a DIRECT investment in the sale of the book. Investor's (not donor's) will receive a share of the book's sales, plus the other benefits mentioned before, like a signed copy. This, to me, seemed a better and fairer system than just asking for assistance on a purely altruistic basis.

Hopefully and with much trepidation I submitted my novel to them. I am pleased to say that Pentian liked what they saw and The Second Coming is now up for funding on their website. Please visit it - check it out - and if you want to invest in a new, exciting author, please, please do.

A small investment gets you and me into the publishing game - That is what is so awesome about Pentian!


Añadido el 26/09/2014
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Just a brief blog this afternoon on the progress along the road to getting my first novel, The Second Coming, published.

By using Pentian's unique crowd-funding platform at to source funding for my book, I have opened up the opportunity for anyone to invest in the launch of a new novelist and hopefully a new best-seller.

The thing I particularly like about Pentian, over other crowd-funding sources is that this company actually allows the donors (READ INVESTORS) to share in the success of the published book. Every single person that fronts up to assist this book to be published will get a share of every single sale for the first three years. This is a marvelous opportunity to share in my success and I hope many people will take advantage of this.

The great news is my first investors have pledged their support and my fund-raising for the novel to be published is now 10% towards it final goal. I am so excited to have received this support and with 50 days still to go on the road to publishing, I'm hopeful for more investment, soon. The sooner the amount raised reaches 100%, the sooner the book will be published, sales made and returns made to investors.

Please, don't hold back investing until the last minute. Get in early and let's get this book out in the marketplace as quickly as possible, so we can all reap the rewards.

To all my investors I can only say...maraming, maraming, salamat po! I am humbled by your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Añadido el 01/10/2014
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As my first novel, The Second Coming, is being prepared for publishing, the question above is something that I've been asked quite frequently. The most common response people make, when I explain to them that I'm a writer is: "So, what sort of stories do you write about? In other words - What's your genre?

It certainly wasn't something that I'd given much conscious thought to in the past, but equally I knew once the book was available, it was something that required answering. Whereabouts, in that massive market of novels, would The Second Coming fit? In fact, what is it that I like to write about?

As someone who has spent a lifetime reading books of all descriptions, I like to think I have a pretty good grasp of what a novel sets out to achieve. Yes, it does tell a story, but there is an underlying premise, it seems to me, in every novel. That underlying premise addresses one or more of the great issues of life - and to be honest there aren't that many. The issues I'm alluding to here include: The battle of good vs evil; The questions of why we are here - what is our purpose in life; The great unrequited love, and indeed the great requited love; The questions of death, mortality, the hereafter and heaven; the struggle and triumph over adversity; and finally questions of morality - what is right and what is wrong. All novels address some, or all of these questions and the vehicle they use to do that is their genre.

Genres can range from the bizarre science fiction aliens through to fantasy werewolves, witches, vampires and goblins, or equally they can be about ordinary everyday people like you and me. Whether a novel uses the vehicle of fantasy, murder mystery, suspense, thriller, science-fiction, or romance to tell its tale, ultimately it will be revealing, examining, discussing and sometimes providing answers to the issues mentioned in the previous paragraph.

For me, the vehicle I used for The Second Coming, was the conflict between what our higher power (in this case God) wanted our world to be, and what humanity had allowed our world to become. That, however, was never the issue of the novel - that was just the vehicle I decided to use. At the core of The Second Coming is: 1/ A romance that transcends humanity - a romance that succeeds because of the differences in the participants, rather than despite their differences; 2/ An examination of morality - of what is right and wrong in the world today; and 3/ A celebration of what life should be for each of us - what makes the human experience superior, to even, immortality.

So - what is The Second Coming's genre? If I had to label it, I would call it a "Romantic Fantasy". Having said that, it has plenty of adventure, excitement and suspense to keep most readers interested. One thing it is not, is a religious book - it is far from it. Religion is just the clothes dummy on which I've hung the outfit that is the story.

I hope that gives you some insight into my thought processes and ideas when I wrote this novel and I hope everyone enjoys it for what it is - a simple story of love triumphing over difficult odds.

You can even invest in this novel by visiting Pentian and receive real returns from every sale of The Second Coming.


Añadido el 22/10/2014
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I have heard it said that the life of a writer is a very lonely and solitary one, that can have a tendency to remove you from the realities of daily life in this world, and while there is probably some truth to this perception, it is also one that is filled with a delicious paradox.

It is true that you spend hours closeted away, in your own little world as you work on creating, developing and executing characters, scenes and climaxes for your "work of art". It does become your all-consuming focus and it is very easy to lose sight of the things happening around you - it's your baby and you want to nurture it, to grow it and finally to give birth to this extraordinary piece of yourself called a novel. Yet, paradoxically what is your novel, your baby, if it never goes out into the world, if it never touches anyone else's life? What is your novel if nobody ever gets to read it? Simply put, it is nothing more than a collection of your jumbled thoughts and ideas.

The key to being a writer, it seems to me, is to be able to share your vision, your insight into the world, your view of life, that you have crafted through your characters. So, although the creation is a solitary and at times lonely experience - the birth must by necessity be a very public event. If you cannot share it with others - what was the point of giving everything of yourself that you have poured into the book?

I can't speak for all writers clearly, but for me, what I write is very necessarily a reflection of who I am. The situations in which I place my characters, the dilemmas they face, the moral questions they must address and the loves that they experience or lose, are all questions I have posed myself at various times, even situations I have faced or if I haven't actually experienced them - have wondered what my reaction would be if faced by them. So, when I write a novel, it is an intensely personal experience for me and it does become very much, "my baby". The question then becomes how to share that birth and baby with the rest of the world?

This was where my truly humbling experience began. My novel was complete - the baby was pushing hard and demanding to be born, but how was I, a mere beginner in this industry going to be able to orchestrate the birth? In a way I almost chose Pentian by default. I had excitedly sent off the first chapter of my "baby" to a literary agent fully expecting a positively gushing response. I knew what rejection felt like. It was like a hammer-blow! Although rationally, you know that rejection is just part of the literary process, one that you just have to accept...damn it! It Hurts! When I discovered Pentian, I was hesitant to put myself out there and let someone else read my work again, but I knew it was the only way I was ever going to get this book published as I lacked the resources to self-publish.

When Pentian came back to me and said they would love to be involved in helping me to publish my book I was overcome with gratitude. It was only one line they said, but it was one line that was burned forever into my memory: "I don't think we'll have any trouble raising the funds - the book sells itself." It was like mana from heaven for me...a literary recognition that my book was sell-able, that it was readable, and that it wasn't utter garbage. It never occurred to me at that point that this was just the first step in getting "The Second Coming" published.

Now that I was on the Pentian website, I had to raise $2,800 from investors in order for the publishing to go ahead. Part of me secretly hoped that there was this big store of unknown literary philanthropists out there just waiting for my book to appear and then they would jump on the website and pledge the support needed to get it published. Sadly, this hasn't proved to be the case. If I wanted to get this book published I needed to get out there and find the investors myself. That's when the real humility truly began.

One of the things I really liked about Pentian, unlike other crowd-sourcing platforms, such as Pubslush, was that they were offering backers a real investment in the success of my novel. Every investor would get a proportionate return on their investment for EVERY single book sold. To my knowledge Pentian are still the only ones doing this and more power to them for it.

My first thoughts were to go with the scatter-gun approach to try and interest people in investing via social media, forums etc. For a couple of weeks I religiously posted links to the website on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and numerous writers forums...but! Nah! That didn't really work and surprisingly enough when I thought about it, I quickly realised why - it just wasn't personal enough. If I was going to get people to invest I had to invite them personally.

Once I realised this, and with time counting down on the funding period (as of today 24 days left) I began reaching out to people I knew, asking them to invest. I went to family, to close friends, and even to old friends I hadn't seen for a long, long time. The results to date have staggered me and yes humbled me immensely. Without fail, everyone I reached out has been incredibly supportive. Not everyone has invested, and that's fine - not everyone is capable of doing so at this time, but what is awesome is the incredible amount of positive feedback I've received. That I have written a novel seems to have touched a chord with everyone. The expressions of pleasure and excitement at what I have achieved so far are without doubt the most heart-warming and humble experiences of my life. To everyone that does invest, you have given me an opportunity to follow my dream and to live my passion. I will always be eternally grateful to you for that. Thank you...maraming, maraming salamat!

As of today, the pledged fund for "The Second Coming" stands at 20.71% but I also have had numerous messages of support assuring me that people will invest over the next few days. It is the positive messages and general pleasure at my achievement that gives me such certainty that not only will this book be published, but many more will follow. For allowing me to live my dream - thank you to my family, my friends and to Pentian. To be honest, even if this book is successful and other options are available for publishing in the future, I certainly wouldn't rule out Pentian as an option for my next book. The ability it gives me to reward the people who have shown such faith in me is its greatest asset.

I couldn't leave this blog without saying my biggest thank you to my number one fan, my greatest supporter and my one, true love - my beautiful wife, Thess. Honey, you never doubted me, you always filled me with the courage to continue and most of all you loved me with the total commitment that only you can give. I owe you so much honey and this book will just be the start of our dream life together.


Añadido el 15/11/2014

Yesterday will doubtless go down as a watershed in my life.

Ever since I finished the manuscript of "The Second Coming" I have dreamed of the day that it would be published, the day when I could hold a book in my hand that bore my name on the front. I now know with certainty that that day is coming.

For the past two months I have had my manuscript with Pentian Publishers, a Spanish publishing house that specializes in a different type of crowd-funding. Instead of just gifting funds to aspiring writers, with promises of books or characters named after them, Pentian offers backers a chance to actually invest in a new novel. They will receive a share of every single book sold. As they put it; "The Publishing Revolution".

As yesterday dawned, I knew that I had just one day remaining on my book and the funding level stood at just 30.71%. I told myself that it didn't actually matter...I was going to get this book published come hell or high-water. If I couldn't do it through Pentian, I'd find another way...plan B or C or D or whatever plan worked. What I was thrilled with was the process I had gone through to try and get people interested in my book. Some people I contacted did invest in it and some didn't, but that wasn't the point. So many people gave me their moral and heart-felt support that I was incredibly humbled by the whole experience. To those that did back me, and you know who you are: Nick, Tracey, Marilyn, Darren, Nette and of course Pentian themselves, you have helped me realize my dream and I could not be happier. But also, to everyone else who put up with my constant social media postings and messages seeking support, thank you also for your kindness and generosity of spirit.
What was amazing was when I got a message from my son to congratulate me on becoming a published author.

"WHAT!" was my immediate response. Yes, it was true, Pentian had funded the shortfall and the book now showed 100% funded on their website. I just couldn't believe really was going to happen. To Pentian, I must give my unreserved appreciation. Obviously they liked the book if they were prepared to back it with their own money. I checked and discovered that they do this from time to time with some books, but not with all. I was just relieved, honored and thrilled that they had chosen my book to be one of those.

So now, I sit and wait for the book to be published, for that awesome day when I can hold it in my hand, touch it, feel it and see it. A published author told me yesterday that the moment you hold your first novel in your hands truly was an awe inspiring moment. I am just so thrilled to know that I will now have that opportunity, soon.

So, what next?
Someone asked me also yesterday if I have the sequel to "The Second Coming" started? To be honest, I do somewhat have the sequel in my head; it is titled "The Rise of the Antichrist", but no, that's not my next project.

My next project is actually a love story that spans thousands of miles, two people's lives and a multitude of hurdles. It is titled "Just a Drop in the Ocean" with the first draft about a fifth of the way written. I do plan to do the sequel to "The Second Coming" after the "Ocean" novel, but for now it must stay where it belongs - in my head. "Just a Drop in the Ocean" is written wholly and solely for my biggest fan - my beautiful wife Thess.
Finally, I do want to pay a special tribute to the two people who have had the most impact in this book seeing the light of day. "The Second Coming" is dedicated to these two special people.

Firstly, my son Christopher, who is a budding writing talent in his own right. Without his countless cajoling and at times outright abuse I would never have managed to have gotten this novel written. He was always prepared to read whatever I sent him, comment, offer good ideas and plot twists that added greatly to the overall completed work. His favorite phrase undoubtedly has to be; "Stop making excuses and stop procrastinating". Whenever I needed a sharp kick up the bum to get back on track, Chris was always there to deliver it...deriving considerable pleasure from doing so; I might add. Thanks bud - you are awesome.
My last words in this blog and ultimately in this life will always be dedicated to the woman who makes it all worthwhile. She is my biggest fan, my source of inspiration and most importantly of all she is my true partner; my soul-mate in life. To my darling wife Thess - honey you make my day worth living; your infectious happiness and positivity gives me everything I could ever need to make the day work for me.

You never doubted me; you always believed this book would be published and you have no idea how special it makes me feel when you say; with so much pride; "I am the wife of a published author - wow!" Well honey; "I am the husband of the prettiest, sexiest, funniest, most charming woman on this planet and I couldn't be happier."

I love you babes...thank you for everything. You are my everything.