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Por Phillip J. Boucher

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Añadido el 05/12/2014

Although I have been a writer of technical non-fiction for decades, I have ventured into the fantasy fiction genre and Dragonstoen is my first novel. Conceived as the first book in a five book series, it was a story that simply spilled out very quickly, though the initial draft took several interesting twists as I rewrote it. Some characters got deleted, some minor characters became major plot elements, and some very mundane acts took on very important meanings as the characters' personalities and motivations developed.

I would love to finish the series, as the next four books exist in outline only. If Dragonstoen is successful through Pentian, I would anticipate the whole series would do relatively well. Once Dragonstoen reaches its goal and is available for sale, I can begin my marketing plan that will see it promoted through my website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as news releases and through my media contacts. I would love to get this series published and out of my head so I can let the next bombardment of characters and plots spew from my mind.


Añadido el 08/12/2014

So far there is 5% pledged towards DRAGONSTOEN. 95% or $1900 to go!


Añadido el 08/03/2015

Been working a little on the outline for the second book in the proposed Dragonstoen series. I now have about a third of the second novel actually spread out into a story. As an author, it's amazing how you set out to write the story in the way you want it to occur, or what the story is that is flowing about in your brain, but find it changes direction as it fleshes out. One very minor character in the first novel is now a cohesive necessity that actually binds the story together in all five parts and is the catalyst to the most important event in the entire storyline. I never would have thought that a character that I created just to move the story along from one point to another without writing pages of action would become so important. But that's fiction writing. Anything can happen.

I encourage you to support Dragonstoen and pledge what you can to help get it off the ground. Who knows? Your support could net you a tidy little royalty in the years to come.


Añadido el 18/10/2015

Some people have asked me how the idea for the book came about. I was never interested in fantasy at all, never read a book, and my only exposure to the genre being the movies Dark Crystal, Time Bandits, and Star Wars.

One day I watched an Animal Planet mockumentary called Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real. Basically, it envisioned the discovery of two frozen corpses in the Arctic, a mother dragon and her offspring. Would it be scientifically possible to prove that they could really fly and breath fire by examining the remains? It was very interesting but i never gave it another thought. Several days later, I kept getting images in my mind of dragons and knights. Why? I don't know, but I wrote them down. And i kept writing down all of these odd fantasy images i kept getting. Eventually I put these writings together and they formed the frame of a story. I kept at it and Dragonstoen was born. And I was fascinated with the story and did outlines for four more books carrying the arc and explaining all the mysteries presented in the first novel.

My goal is to get Dragonstoen published and share this story with others. I would hope that it would peak enough interest in making the four other books a reality as well. A few people who have read developing drafts have loved it so at least I know it's a viable product.