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Galaxy Chess

By Gloria Adams

The blog for Gloria Adams


Añadido el 16/12/2015

I hope you find Galaxy Chess a story that you will take an opportunity to read. If you have been following any of my work, you know that I hope to entertain.


Añadido el 18/12/2015

Words remind us that every step of the way something can be thought, something can be said, something can be spoken, something can be written, something can be learned, and from this we know that something can be bought, something can be given and something can be passed on, incrementally adding something to life and even the world.


Añadido el 25/12/2015

I never thought about writing, I never planned to do it. There was no hoping or dreaming about it. It simply came over me in my later age. I’m following its lead, perhaps in the end I’m supposed to write something essential for some reason or purpose or perhaps I’m simply to entertain.

I have heard that writing comes from a place innately deep and seeded, and mystical, psychologically inspired by challenging life scenarios. Such scenarios may cover pain or suffering, glee or humor. I find this conceivable. I also find that after living enough life, you can make-up many stories.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.
-William Arthur Ward

You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.
-Zig Ziglar


Añadido el 28/12/2015

From hieroglyphics on the walls of caves, from scrolls and tablets to ink and paper, and now with the advent of the computer the point of what it means is clear. Some know the secret: Reading is truly the key to somewhere.

If the reader of my stories sees a picture of my characters and the scenes they will want to see what happens in the end. With my writing I seek to inspire something useful in the reader, and perhaps in the end, the reader may relate a moral of the story.

My fiction writing can incline relaxation and perhaps take one away from it all at least momentarily. It is something worthwhile when an escape is needed. It brings you characters that intersect with real life. The full range of my writing brings an experience that when grasped by the reader, it imparts to them something felt that is left to their diligence.

There is a lot that goes on in my stories, stay alert and stay-with-it. My stories generally transcend into being more interesting as well as rewarding with each page of reading.

Remember, it is my hope to always entertain you. I’m producing other works for your entertainment at this very time. Stay tuned.


Añadido el 29/12/2015

A notation from the old and famed Encyclopedia Britannica annotates that “…writing is so fundamental to a modern, literate society that its significance has often been overestimated.” In an effort to wrap my mind around that statement I’m inclined to acclaim it as true, except today I think writing has derived to being underestimated.

Write it like you are speaking it, telling it to someone sitting in your presence. Speak of your characters gossipingly bringing interest to them. Tell their secrets, expose them. Writing has a responsibility to bring something to the reader. It cannot be overemphasized that reading inclines one’s diligence.

Today is surly ours at this very second; this second is just quick enough to be our only certainty. Although there is inevitability of pending seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years awaiting, it is only in this very second that we know we own it. Our tomorrows are held to a future of hope and fate. You would not know my thoughts about this if not for those early ancients promoting language to writing. Writing traverses language and brings us thoughts, perspectives and takes us to a place where our feelings reside. If one can’t, or doesn’t read something, one’s ability for expanded mental expressions stays in limbo. An indeterminate state of mind leaves one too far from the trail that leads to the keys to understanding.

Works of writings are there for you, waiting to stir thoughts as it defines to some degree the writer. Take stock in how lucky we are and read, read, read them all!


Añadido el 07/01/2016

Writing is a blanking big deal. It only takes reflecting back over the decades to know much would be missing if not for writing. We would have no history, and in fact, we might not have anything. I’m reminded of writing’s worth from an entertainment perspective. I read “Don Quixote” many years ago, and Miguel de Cervantes captured my attention when in “Don Quixote” he presented the “poetic truth” and “historic truth.” I was so taken with the molding of the poetic truth of Sancho Panza, it made me cry. Cervantes’ work achieved its best depiction of Sancho Panza’s poetic truth.

There is no need for a work-up to qualify writing’s worth; it has already proven itself worthy and commendable for all times. There are many pages pending our attention and many to reflect upon. If a page is taken from Charles Dickens’ genius it puts one closer to understanding the power of writing. Dickens showed a reading public that reading is always up for molding. His molding captivated the public by providing something for all: for the meek, for the cultured, for the financially challenged, for royalty, and for the technologically minded too. Interesting!

Thank you for following me.


Añadido el 09/01/2016

Whenever I think of a writer, mention works of writing, or even say a writer’s name my guilt surfaces. It is because I realize there are so many noteworthy writers and works that mentioning one hardly does justice for all the writers and the medium in its wholeness. Thank you to those I may never mention as well as those I do. It is because of you that someone became a little broader mentally, a little calmer emotionally, overcame a medical affliction, and learned how to do something. Essentially someone was saved because of the “writing on the wall.” Important to the “story” is the hope that was carried, the joy that brought laughter, and a peace realized that cannot be measured. The writer has worked his due because the writer has cared.

I aspire to shadow each writers’ good and to champion their causes. I work to hold up the banner and bring something essential to a public’s knowing.

Thank you for following me.


Añadido el 14/01/2016

“Keep in mind Duber has made himself and Vildareaux part of a team. Stay the course. It’s like Galaxy Chess, when you make the best moves you win, but remember Duber’s tricks are endless, he knows the game.”

Galaxy Chess tells you about a planet in trouble called Androecium that has fallen because of the actions of its inhabitants and a small sect hopes to save the world from the intentions of two rogue elders.

It is a piece of fiction that takes you across the arenas of real life and real life possibilities, but for that which is most disturbing we can be happy it is just fiction.


Añadido el 16/01/2016

It tells you the story. It makes you laugh. It takes you away. It shows you how it’s done. It exposes what happened, what they said, and what they did.

You will be layered with character. You will be insured by instruction, but more principally, you will find out what is going on and what is forecasted. Reading will do this for you.

I contribute by layering you with characters: “Galaxy Chess” is for your relaxation.


Añadido el 23/01/2016

It cannot be over emphasized that today we are in a different place and a different space where entertaining through writing must keep pace. I’m reminded that Galaxy Chess is suitable and it tells a story that’s truly entertaining.

Thank you for being here.


Añadido el 31/01/2016

Views, monochromatic or arrayed
Color pallets in dim or splashed brilliance
Stemming flowers and leaves
Nature’s best natural life contenders
Communal landscapes gifted to sight

Grass, bushes, thistles and briars
Trees foliage and branches wide
Highlights wilderness’s value
Defining life and community
Inclining an enduring appreciation

Nature gives its best
Petals essential for worth
Aptly requiring careful threading
Reminding what life means
Mystery from beneath the soil

Prospect growth of fragile blooms
Stems blooming to wonders
Amidst the widespread of nature
Wildness survival bringing hope and beauty
The worth of living is true to sight

Gratitude gives one’s claim to natural
Sight and vision alerts each day
Caring about nature’s offer of elegance
Brings its worth to life’s progression
Here and now and forever forward
Afterwards and always, thank you

I’m reminded that life offers no certainty until the thing you are uncertain about comes to front. Therefore, I say thanks to all backing me for this project. Your support is appreciated.

Please stay mindful that I’m working hard to offer another story for your entertainment at the end of this campaign, regardless of how it turns-out.


Añadido el 04/02/2016

Telling the truth is a worthwhile persuasion. If you want to know the truth, “It is undoubtedly knowing that you saw something, and knowing that truth is something that should never be tampered-with.”

If you believe in fate you have come to know that it is usually far off into the future, but comes quicker than you would schedule it and it always has something set-up for you.

There’s something about happiness that is genuinely revealed when enough people are surveyed, but happiness cannot be explained.


Añadido el 14/02/2016


Wings are tiredly flapping about
Surveying what is wrought to pain

Upholding the limping wounded
Wings fold to cover the hurt

Wings of guarded posturing
Avoiding the crumpling disappointment

Good is in the dew drops
But tomorrow brings rain

Thunderous electric striking
The threat to next day’s giving’s

Denounce acts of heated terror
Scotching feathers painfully sightful

Look for what eyes are trained to know
Past the inclement squalls of clouded view

Tears lie waiting a brewing storm
Humanizing ways save the day

Dear Patrons:

Thank you for your support. I am grateful. Gratitude needs no polishing, no work-up, no promise to be there, it is as automatic as breath and those who know it breathe differently.

Please be reminded that I have continued to work and I am asking for your support when I give it another try. Keep stock in me and be watchful for my Frankenworks.

Gloria Adams