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How does this Pentian thing work?

Pentian is revolutionizing the world of publishing, working with authors to publish books in a bold, new way. We are NOT a self-publishing company. Pentian sees projects through from the ground up, helping authors coordinate their crowdfunding campaign. Once the book is funded, we work with authors to edit, publish, and distribute their book. Profits are shared between the authors, their backers and with Pentian at the most favourable rates for authors in the industry.

What is crowdfunding? How does Pentian use it?

Crowdfunding is a collective financing system in which a person or backers support a project so that it can be completed. Pentian is a platform that specializes in books and publications where the backers not only receive rewards established by the author, but also form a part of the publishing team, receiving a % of the sales once the book is in distribution.

Do I need a literary agent before I submit?

No. We are happy to work directly with you.

Do you have any examples of successful campaigns?

Of course! You can see examples of a few of our most successful campaigns here Pentian began in Spain, where it had 180 successful campaigns in the first 8 months! Now, Pentian has come to the US and we're having similar success here as well. here Pentian began in Spain, where it had 180 successful campaigns in the first 8 months! Now, Pentian has come to the US and we're having similar success here as well.

Who will back my project?

Most of our authors find that the majority of their support comes from their contacts (family, friends, and social media followers). However, Pentian also shares every project with our global backers, and if your project interests them, you could receive some contributions from them as well.

What languages does Pentian publish in?

We publish in Spanish or English.

What genres do you accept?

We publish all themes that fall under the categories of: Self-Help, Non-Fiction, Fiction (this includes all sub genres not specified here), Science Fiction/ Fantasy, Romance, Poetry, Children’s Storybooks, and Role Play. We do not accept books with graphic descriptions of pedofilia. All books must be reviewed by our Evaluation Team in order to decide whether they will be accepted or not.

Does a book have to be finished for my submission to be accepted?

Your campaign will have the best chance of success if your book is finished. But if you want to get our opinion before you’ve finished, we’ll evaluate your submission, even if its only partially complete. Once your campaign has successfully reached its goal you will need to submit the complete manuscript within one month. here

How long should my submission be?

We need a mínimum of 30 pages (around 7,500 words) in order to be able to evaluate your work and consider it for a campaign, but the final manuscript should be at least 60 pages (size A4) with approximately 17,000 words or more. The only exception is for children’s picture books, for which there is no mínimum page or word count. • We only accept digital submissions

Is there a maximum length?

Yes! In order to be able to distribute your book effectively, we follow the guidelines established by POD (Print-On-Demand) systems. This means that your book should not have more than 500 pages, or around 130,000 words. If you are in doubt, please consult us. We can analyze your manuscript to see if it will fall within the proper parameters once it is formatted. If your book is longer than this, we would advise you to closely edit it and look for unnecessary filler that could be eliminated. Make your sentences tighter; lose those extra scenes which are irrelevant and frankly, slow down the story. Most books can benefit from this scrutiny, whether they were too long to begin with or not! If you’ve deleted those extra scenes and fillers but still find your work to be excessively long, or simply don’t wish to reduce the length, alternatively you could divide the book into smaller volumes. Consult us for more information.

Does the title of my crowdfunding campaign need to be the title of my finished work?

Pentian will work with you before your campaign goes live to make sure that your book has the best chance of success, and that includes a great title! But, if you decide to change the title of your book later, that's ok, too. Remember to keep it short and direct, and avoid using titles that are already in use. You can check this by doing a quick search on Amazon. Be creative and original!

What about the cover?

Our profesional Design Team will create your cover, taking into account any ideas you may have. If you already have a cover, or images you would like to use, please upload this with your book file, or send by email, so that the Design Team can evaluate it. Once your campaign finishes successfully, we will work with you to modify the cover if so desired.

Is it free to crowdfund on Pentian?

Yes! There are no fees to set up your campaign, and the publishing of your book is funded by backers

Who will own the rights to my book?

Pentian authors own the copyright to their work. As a commitment to the backers, Pentian owns the exclusive sales rights of our edition of the book for 3 years, after which, they revert back to the author.

My book has already been published and/ or is currently available online. Do I need to withdraw it from that publishing company or platform?

No, we will never ask you to break your agreement with another publisher or platform. We will publish a new edition of your book so as to avoid any conflicts.

How much will I make when my book sells? What are the royalty percentages?

Pentian's unique publishing model shares royalties between Author (40%), Backers (50%), and publisher, Pentian (10%). So, for example, if your book is sold online, and the net profits are $10: $4 goes to you, $5 is divided between your backers, and $1 goes to Pentian. These percentages are non-negotiable. However, if the author also acts as a backer for their own book, they will receive an additional percentage depending on their level of contribution.

Can I have an advance for my book?

Sorry, no. Pentian's authors make their money on royalties as their book succeeds. Pentian does not offer any advances on royalties to authors or backers. Nor can we waive the campaign goal in exchange for future royalties

How often are royalties paid?

Royalties are paid biannually, from Jan 23- Feb 9; and again from July 23- Aug. 9. These payments are made via PayPal; therefore, you will need to register your PayPal account on your user profile. There must be a minimum balance of €10 accumulated in order for us to make any payments. At the end of your exclusivity agreement with Pentian (3 years) all unpaid royalties will be calculated and a final payment will be made, regardless of the quantity. The net royalties received from the sale of physical books distributed are shared between the author, backers and Publisher. Due to the difficulty of knowing the exact sales of these books and the specific characteristics of our distributors, some sales may not be added until the completion of your contract. If the author or backers wishes to know the sales reports or requests bianual payments of the sales through these channels, please keep in mind that the quantities are approximate and not exact. Therefore, at the end of the contract period, all sales and refunds will be calculated, which could lead to negative balances.

How do I make sure my campaign is a success?

First, it is essential that you have an engaging summary / blurb and select an extract that will really grab attention. Even before your campaign starts, you should increase your presence on social media and maximize your potential contacts. Once your campaign is live, it is crucial that you are actively posting across social media, not only sharing your book profile but also engaging in conversations with your contacts. It is imperative that you are very present, but not only in trying to sell your campaign. People are most likely to contribute if they feel a connection with you.

Can I make changes to my book profile while the campaign is live?

You will not be able to personally modify your book profile while the campaign is live. If you wish to make changes to the book summary, the extract, or add information, please consult us. The texts that are featured on the book profile must be reviewed and corrected by our team. As far as the actual manuscript, you may continue working on it during the campaign if you’d like, The potential backers will not have access to this. However, if you add more content we will need to know.

Can I contribute to my own campaign?

Certainly! You will simply need to register as a backer (using a different email than the one you use as an author) and then you can do so. The percentage of royalties and books that you receive will increase accordingly.

How do I get my book sales to be a success?

To start with, take our advice on how to have a successful campaign. If you are able to build up a following with your campaign, you’ll want to continue that once your book hits the market. Additionally, you can ask local bookstores to host a presentation for your book, get your book reviewed by a literary blogger, have your readers write reviews on Amazon, etc. If you’d like help with promoting your book, you can request this as an extra service.

Can I know exactly which bookstores currently have my book in stock?

Due to the characteristics of the sales model and book distribution, it is impossible to have a centralized list of the available inventory that any bookstore may have at any given moment. Keep in mind that the bookstores only work through distributors, who are, at the same time, liaise with the editorials. Once a book has entered the distribution circuit, it is available to all the bookshops that work with any of our national distribution channels. Given that these books are delivered on consignment, (meaning that the bookstores can return the books at no cost if they aren’t sold), no delivery is considered a final sale until it is reported as such by the bookshop and liquidated by the distributor. In the case that a bookstore has returned a book, it is the distributor’s option to try to move the goods to any of their other retail locations or geographic zones where the book may be successful, or fulfill orders from other bookshops with those returned goods when this is possible. As well, a bookstore may not report their sales for more than a month, therefore it is possible that even reports generated with available points of sale may be erroneous and a client may find the book no longer in stock. However, keep in mind that regardless of the current inventory, thanks to the Print On Demand systtem, your book can be quickly ordered with no minimum number of copies.

How frequently are the sales reports updated on the author/ backer’s dashboard?

Sales are updated the 22nd of each month, with figures corresponding to the previous month’s sales on Pentian. Only final sales are reported; that is, the sale of books actually sold, without the possibility of being returned. In this manner, we do not include books that are held in consignment, as they are not considered actual sales. This is due to the fact that the distribution in bookstores does not represent actual sales until the book status is finalized. This means that a bookshop can acquire a book to sell, but as it is delivered on consignment, the transaction isn’t considered final until the distributor makes a final payment (usually 3 months after the delivery date) or the book is returned to Pentian unsold. Something else to take into consideration is that our distributors can send their sales reports up until 30 days after the close of the quarter. It is particularly important to note that once we receive their reports, we require an additional 30 days to verify, compile and update the information on our reports. The external wholesalers (Apple, Amazon, etc.) work at their own rythm and Pentian can’t control the frequency of their sales reports. Therefore, the amount of time it takes for a sales transaction to appear on the author’s platform is determined by the type of sale that it is. The process of compiling and consolodating data, closing out the sales term and reporting the sales information from our business partners can take more than 4 weeks.

My book campaign was unsuccessful, but I really like the book cover design and would like to use it. Can I?

Pentian reserves the exclusive rights to each book cover designed for our crowdfunding campaigns However, we can sell you those rights for €60 (taxes included). This purchase will include the complete cover (with or without flaps). We will provide you with a completely structured file that includes the book title, blurb, name, photo and biography of the author.

The book has been published and some of the backers have received their rewards (book / eBook). Where’s mine?

The only prerequisite that is essential to receiving your hard copy of the book is to have accurately and fully completed the address and telephone fields on your user profile. To receive the eBook, make certain that your email address on file is correct.To this end, we will send 3 reminders. It is obligatory to complete all the fields of your user profile: street address, town, province / state, zipcode (postal code) and telephone number (with area code and country code). In extraordinary circumstances, you may need to also provide additional information (such as your government issued ID number or Importer Number).

How do I get started?

Register on our site and follow the instructions on our web. You can consult us for any queries at

How long do I have for the crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds required?

Pentian campaigns last for 60 days, or until 100% of funding is reached, whichever is first.

When you say we'll put your book on the shelves, whose shelves are we talking about?

At Pentian, we know which way the wind is blowing. Today's readers want access to everything digitally, so the majority of 'shelves' will be digital. However, Pentian works with global distributors for real bookshelves as well, and if that's where we think your book will do well, that's where it will go.

Who edits and designs Pentian books?

Pentian has an amazing team of in-house editors, marketing pros, and designers who will take care of all of the details. We will be in contact with you every step of the way.

What is Metadata?

Metadata includes things like the book titile, ISBN numbers, Library of Congress categories, and MSRP, as well as the book blurb (sinopsis), author’s bio, and hook phrase(s). Pentian will make sure that all your metadata is complete, accurate, and sent to the right places so that readers can find your book with ease. In order to create a book blurb that will catch attention, use powerful verbs, hooking the reader with a vivid description of the leading character or the world you've created. Leave the reader wanting to know more by ending with an open-ended conflict or question. Don’t reveal the entire plot!

What happens if my book campaign doesn’t reach its goal?

If your campaign hasn’t reached its goal in the allotted 60 days, Pentian will evaluate your project and inform you of the options available. If the project is canceled, any money raised will be refunded.

What happens when a book is funded?

When your campaign finishes and your book is fully funded, your campaign page turns into a promotional page for your book and we will begin the process of editing and publishing your book. From that moment on, you'll be working hand-in-hand with Pentian to edit and promote the book.

Review timeline.

We review all projects received. This process may take up to 14 working days. Please remember that we are human; it takes time to sort through all tthe manuscripts that we receive every day, and some periods may be busier than others. We appreciate your patience. We will initially acknowledge the receipt of your book, and then it will be put in line for review. You will be informed by email if your project is acepted or rejected.

Once you've accepted a submission, how long does it take for the campaign to go live?

If your book is accepted, we will notify you by email. We will request your ideas for the book cover, which will then be created by our profesional design team. This process can take up to 4 weeks. During that time, we will also consult you regarding the services you wish to include in the campaign so that we can calculate the quantity necessary for your project. This entire process, from acceptance to going live, could take up to 6 weeks during busier periods.

What happens to the money I raise above the funding goal?

As soon as your book hits 100%, the campaign is over, so there is no way to raise more than your goal.

How do I set the funding target for my campaign?

Pentian will determine this. It all depends on your goals, and what it will cost to publish and promote your book.

How is the book priced? Can I set my own price? Do I control the discount offered to retailers and wholesale accounts?

The book is priced in consultation with the publishing experts here at Pentian. There are standard discounts in the industry that are non-negotiable.

How much can I expect to earn from my book? How much are successful authors on Pentian earning?

That depends entirely on your book. And how well you promote it If you've written the next Harry Potter or Gone Girl, then the sky's the limit. Successful authors on Pentian have earned, on average, between $800 - $1,400 every 6 months from their book sales in the first three years.

Can I read an excerpt before backing a book? How do I know if it’s any good?

Whether you're backing your best friend, an author you've been following for years on their blog, or someone you've never heard of - Pentian recommends that you review their campaign page thoroughly and read an excerpt of their book to decide if you want to support it.

Have there been any news articles about Pentian?

To see Pentian in the press, check here. here .

How do I know which projects have the best chance of success? I want to back a winner!

We hope that all of our projects will succeed, and this is why we put them through such a rigorous review process. You can decide for yourself if the project is one you want to support by reviewing their campaign page and reading an excerpt of the book. Successful Pentian campaigns all have a few things in common: strong writing, thoughtful marketing plans, and bold social media campaigns.

I don’t want my name to appear on your website and I want to support the book anonymously. Can I do this?

Yes. Simply register under a pseudonym, but use a valid email address. The email address is only for us to communicate with you and will not be shared with the author or third parties.

The project I have supported didn't reach its funding target and has been taken down. Can I get a full refund?

If the project you supported does not reach its goal, your money is automatically refunded through the payment method you used to make your original pledge. No action is required on your part, and you should expect your refund to be processed within 30 days of the cancellation of the project.

What if the author fails to deliver the manuscript?

You’ll be fully refunded.

What services does Pentian include in the standard campaign?

Our standard campaign in the USA and Spain includes the following services:

  • - Management of your project on Pentian’s platform
  • - Management of posible incidents post publication.
  • - Marketing revision during the entire cycle of book sales (3 years)
  • - Revision and correction of the book summary and extract for the campaign.
  • - Editing and publishing of your book (color or black & white)
  • - Design and layout of your book.
  • - Digital version (ePub) of book.
  • - Paperback version of book (minimum 100 copies*)
  • - Management of the distribution (hard copy and eBook) on different platforms (Amazon, Google, Apple, Kobo, Casa del Libro, Libros.CC, El Corte Inglés)
  • - Professional orthographic correction (basic)
  • Administration of ISBN and metadata.

* Includes copies corresponding to the backers (depending on their contribution level), 3 copies for the author, and the rest to be distributed according to the demand detected.

What extra services can I include in my campaign?

We have a wide selection of special services that can be included in your campaign to enhance your book, as well as improve its marketing and sales. The fees and services may vary depending on the date your book is published as well as your geographical location.* Keep in mind that while these services have a cost, that amount will be included in your book campaign, so it’s actually the backers who will pay for them! However, all services (standard and extra) will only be completed once your campaign has reached 100% of its goal. If you’d like these some of these services sooner, (for example, a booktrailer or extra promotions on social media) in order to promote the crowdfunding campaign, they must first be paid for. This amount can then be included in the campaign so that you can be refunded for that investment, but ONLY IF your campaign is completely funded.

  • • Custom-designed illustrations for your book
  • • Translation (English or Spanish).
  • • Advanced correction (grammatical, style, syntax, etc.)
  • • Design & creation of a booktrailer
  • • Posters (A3 size) of your book cover **
  • • Bookmarks **
  • • Invitations for book presentation **
  • • Roll-up for presentations **
  • • Notebook or appointment book with your cover design**
  • • 25 extra hard copies on deposit for the author; allocated for sales.
  • • Radio spots, Book reviews and advertisement in the press
  • • Promotional campaigns on Social Media, literary blogs and webpages.
  • • Personalized awards for backers
  • • Management of book presentation(s): extra hard copies for the event, catering included (Spain only)

* All international shipping is sent under the terms of INCOTERM CIP. ** (Complete service for Spain and USA**) For all other countries, the only difference is that the service of posters, roll-ups, invitation bookmarks or other promotional materials is limited to the design creation ONLY; you will need to arrange for them to be printed at your end. If you require any additional services not mentioned, please contact us at to see what we can do. We aim to please!

When I back a project, when is my credit card charged?


What other conditions apply to publishing at

This link has all the terms and conditions for the author as well as for the backers. As you can see, this service is totally free for the author.

I have a press enquiry.

Email our Press Team at